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Update on the current state of what's happening
Transitioning to being a DAO
What are you excited about Coordinape?
How would you like to contribute?

Update on the current state of what's happening

Current State - Our Goal is to help fulfil the promise of DAOs
How can we coordinate to solve the challenges facing the future of work?
All things Compensation for DAO's are Coordinape's Focus


Move from a database driven project to an on chain project (ETA ~2 months)
Permissionless standup of circles, and Vouching in new members, and allowing users to claim their rewards
Setting up the DAO with the on-chain version
Transitioning to being a DAO
ETA ~X months V2 of Coordinape!

Intros + What are you excited about Coordinape?

Coordinape Team Intros


Discord manager, Dashboard builder, QA, troubleshooting




Cofounder, Artist, Collaboration specialist, Contributor at Yearn, helping with legal/investment, and development processs


Product designer, interface designer, into ETH and DAO's since 2017, excited about Coordinape because it lets people compete with the mega-corps


Formerly MakerDAO, but have been with opensource co's for quite some time. Have a lot of experience with coordinating teams across the globe


Building a DAO without relying on a centralized system is exciting.

Community Memebers


Finance Guy, invovled with several DAO's, and the complexity causes chaos, looking forward to Coordinape helping streamline the DAO operations.


Harmony Blockchain- Involved with Tezos since 2017- DAO-ify the Harmony Project, trying to decentralize the project. So much baggage with the traditional orgs slowing down the process. Being able to decentralize payroll is going to be fantastic, wanting to give more places to implement Coordinape and work together with Coordinape


Pooltogether DAO, First epoch running for a month! 18 members in this first circle. Seems to be promoting the right kinds of work. Per the structure of Coordinape, some is needed, too much would constrain what's being done (Oops is the Coordinape Admin)

How would you like to contribute?

We need Dev help, we need content, Meme's, docs. Really whatever you're excited to do for Coordinape would be welcomed.
  • Zakku, a little bit of a decentralized LinkedIn, giving DAOs data points for finding users who are adding value across DAOs.
We're talking to a lot of the DID teams, to see how we can integrate with these teams and how we can help build out the identity and Proof of Work (Punny)
How do we battle harden Coordinape, people within DAOs have to have some level of trust in eachother to get more work done together. We hope this will improve the culture of DAO's
  • Zemm with the transition to the CCC (Coordinape Community Circle)
We're in the position that we've received some grants and have the option now to open the door to contributors
We're hoping to have people contribute and then get added to the circle
Leaving it subjective is good, but it'd be great if we could link in with discord to be able to help guide allocations prompting.
  • Metafactory- Uses sourcecred that determines how much give the users can give
We want to incentivize impact not just input.
Born out of Yearn, so very telegram focused, we're building out that functionality for discord
Open call for people who want to help build to tools for DAO's we'd love to have you.

What Coordinape Needs

  • We need QA!
  • We need people who are passionate about DAOS
  • We need user stories!

Where we're at now:

Easing off of the number of people who we're on boarding, as we focus more on making our way on chain.
We're restricting this to just teams who will be compensating their users as well as thanking their users, so we don't have a lot of teams just testing right now it's actually being used.
  • Pool-together a lot of users have chosen to opt out, which was surprising. They're doing a month long epoch but that feels too long they're looking at bi-weekly epochs for the next one.
  • Coordinape The way Yearn does it is one week epochs, compensating users for the prior months efforts.
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