Permissionless Circles

Anyone can spin up a new circle by going to https://coordinape.com and connecting their wallet.
If you're not already in a circle, you will Coordinape with prompt you to create a new circle.
If you were expecting to be in a circle and aren't, please get in touch circle admin so they can get your address fixed.
You can create a new circle if you're already in a circle.
If you're an admin of a circle, you can click the create
Clicking on the Start a Circle button will take you to the screen where you can create your circle.
The fields on this screen will be used when you start your circle. They can be changed once the circle is created, but only by the circle admin.
  • Username: This will be how other users will see your name in the circle. (If you are already in other circles, please use the exact same name used in the other circles.)
  • ETH address: This is derived from the wallet you're currently connected to Coordinape with
  • Circle Name: This will be the Circle Name that your users will select.
    (EG Coordinape has a Contributors circle)
  • Organization Name: This is the higher level of your circle that will eventually encompass all of the circles within an organization.
    (EG Yearn has Strategists, Community, and 003 Circles, and Bankless has a circle for their guilds, KrauseHouse has circles for their projects)
    The name you put here will need to be verified by the Coordinape Team to prevent spoofing another Team.
The rest of the fields are informational and help us know how you're using Coordinape to understand better how we can serve you.
After you click Launch Circle, you're in!
You've created your first circle, and you are one step closer to compensating and encouraging your team!
Thanks for letting us be a part of what you're doing! We can't wait to see what your teams will accomplish!