CoLinks Mobile Features

Connect to Mobile

CoLinks is a social app, and its nice (really, necessary for many people) to use your phone for social networking. To help manage this, we've added the ability to connect a wallet authenticated session from another device, like your laptop or PC. This is useful if you don't want a wallet app on your phone. Please note you also can use mobile wallet apps to login to CoLinks (and will need to do so for on-chain transactions like buying Links).

Here's how this works

  • Find the Connect to Mobile wallet in your Profile menu, while using a wallet authenticated session (i.e. on your laptop).

    • Here, you will get a single use QR code that you can scan with your phone.

    • Don't share the QR code, because anyone with the code could use it to access your account (not your wallet tho, that remains safu).

    • Using the QR code will authenticate you to use CoLinks on your phone, without a wallet.

  • Mobile Connected devices can use CoLinks to browse, post, comment, react -- really anything that doesn't require an on-chain interaction.

  • When you want to buy a Link, you will need to connect a mobile wallet or go back to your wallet authenticated device for that part.

  • Note: while you are free to use your wallet on the other device for other apps, or even to switch to other chains, if you log out of your wallet app you will be logged out of CoLinks on your phone as well, and will need to reconnect with a new QR code.


If you want to use CoLinks on your phone frequently, you can use WPA to add the app to your home screen. This will let you revisit the app easily as long as you remain logged in.

Here is how to do this on an iPhone:

  • Click on the Share icon from your mobile browser while on the CoLinks app.

  • Find the Add to Home Screen button, which looks like a [+].

  • This will add an icon for CoLinks to your phone's home screen, and as long as you remain logged in you can use it!

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