What is GIVE?

  • A simple and powerful way to recognize people and impact, inside and outside of the Coordinape platform.

  • All ways and forms of giving GIVE are stored onchain as markers in time that someone was recognized for something great. GIVE is stored as pGIVE on the Coordinape member’s CoSoul.

  • You can give GIVE to anyone on Farcaster or CoLinks to recognize them.

  • You can allocate GIVE in Coordinape Gift Circles to recognize and reward value contributed by circle members.

  1. Cast " {a-skill-you-want-to-celebrate}" to start a Give Party (Where you replace {a-skill-you-want-to-celebrate} with your chosen skill to celebrate.) ***NOTE: Due to Warpcast's assertive prefetching, this works best if you paste the URL for your party into your cast. You can also go straight to in your browser and use our PARTY STARTER!

  2. Anyone on Farcaster can use the frame that shows up to name people who they think are awesome at that skill.

  1. Givebot will make sure your GIVE is delivered!

  1. You can GIVE to more people in the party, or start your own party by clicking "How 2 Party"

  1. Simply input the skill that you want to start the GIVE party about and we'll prep a cast with the party frame for you.

  1. Party Starters will get Coordinape Rep Points for their parties! Every party gets a little, really big parties get a lot.

Your GIVE balance increases by 1 per day, and in the future will be increased at a higher rate for those with higher Rep. GIVE balance is viewable in CoLinks in the top right corner of your CoLinks Home page.

You can GIVE on any post to give to another CoLinks member by clicking the β€œGIVE” button:

Then select or write a tag, or choose β€œJust GIVE”:

The GIVE will be reflected on the post:

Giving GIVE in Farcaster and Warpcast

You can give in Warpcast by mentioning the @givebot , and it will deliver the GIVE to the recipient for you.

As a Reply Cast:

@givebot as a reply cast to another cast, and Givebot will deliver a GIVE to the original caster from you.

As a new Cast:

Givebot responds to format @givebot @user #skilltag

When giving from a new cast, you need to @mention another user as the recipient.

The #skilltag is an optional way to add more context to the GIVE so others know more about why you want to recognize someone, adding to their onchain reputation history.

You should see the Givebot respond with a message that the GIVE was delivered and a Frame that welcomes you into the GIVE app.

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