Paying Your Team
When GIVE turns in to $$

At the end of an epoch, export a CSV of the epoch data for analysis and distribution.

One of the ways to pay your team is to download the CSV and use it to pay your contributors. You can find the Export CSV button on the Overview Page next to each Epoch.
Learn More about Reviewing Allocations
Since this is a CSV, you can use this file to pay your team however you'd like and on any chain you'd like; know that the addresses your contributors used to sign in are the ETH main net addresses.
If you're paying your team on Ethereum, you can use any of the apps below or pay them in individual transactions or a custom script.
Vaults πŸ”’
Disperse πŸ€‘
Gnosis Safe πŸ”
Utopia Labs πŸ›•
Parcel πŸ“©
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