Vouching System

The Vouching System

The DAO landscape prides itself on self-management and contribution, and we often hear the question: how should new contributors be inducted into a Gift Circle? While the borders of DAO membership might be as simple as landing in a Discord server or collecting NFTs or tokens, the additional trust layer of joining a circle to GIVE or receive may have different considerations. For example, vouching may happen by consensus, self-determination, admin decisions, or a blend of the three. Coordinape leaves this up to you.

Up to now, the Coordinape application has only allowed circle access via admin controls. However, this will likely always be a practical option, and some circles may choose to maintain this practice alone in an ongoing fashion (which, of course, we will support).

However, just as DAOs often form by autonomy and osmosis, we wanted to include more decentralized options by which a circle can grow. Our Vouching system allows members to onboard new collaborators through a simple and flexible consensus mechanism. With Vouching, circles may determine their porosity via threshold settings, and contributors in a circle can actively engage in managing its growth.

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