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Your CO Team members
Circle Members are the lovely folks that make up your team. Members can write about their contributions, look at others' work and allocate GIVE to each other.

Membership Considerations

Compensation Methods
Work Commitment: Coordinape is a great way to compensate members who have committed to completing any number of bounties or deliverables. The Circle allows them to record their work and have the team evaluate its impact through GIVE.​
Member Trust Level: Coordinape allows for collective compensation. Since members will receive some form of payment for their work, they have an incentive to bargain or influence their chances of higher pay. Consider how well you trust members with the ability to allocate to each other fairly.
Compensation Considerations: Your organization may compensate members through various forms such as salary, grants, bounties, etc. Coordinape can support various types of members. For example, salary members can receive bonuses through Coordinape. In addition, community members can receive bounty payments. Consider how you would like to reward and compensate your team.

What do I need from members?

A wallet address and a name is all you need to add anyone to a Coordinape Circle.

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