Showing generosity through GIVE
GIVE is a token that represents a portion of the budget set for the Circle. Allocation of capital throughout various Epochs will be determined by the amount of GIVE a member receives. Currently, GIVE is a token that lives only on our server. Therefore, a GIVE token will not be sent to your wallet.
At the start of the Epoch, each Circle member receives a certain number of GIVE tokens (Determined by the Circle Admin). Then, members allocate tokens to other members throughout the Epoch to reward them for the value they bring to the Circle.
Circle Allocation


Over a particular Epoch, Sarina receives 100 GET tokens from other team members (out of 1000 tokens in total).
In this case, if the total Contributor budget is 50,000 USDC, Sarina will receive 5,000 USDC.
Learn more about the Allocation Process.

Ways to GIVE

The purpose of the Gift Circle is to reward all the ways value is brought to your DAO. Therefore, throughout the Epoch, each member should allocate their GIVE tokens to other members using whatever logic makes sense to them intending to make sure valuable contributions are recognized and compensated as accurately as possible.
Before starting an Epoch, you must guide your team on how best to allocate with the organization’s priorities in mind.

GIVE Considerations

Impact: You can allocate to team members who deliver work that positively impacts the betterment of the organization
Cooperation: How often does this member show up? Members can allocate to others who show up often and provide valuable feedback.
Effort: You may consider rewarding members who have taken many steps to complete a task or worked through unique challenges.
Passion: Is this member aligned with the mission of the organization? You can consider the level of passion and enthusiasm a member brings to the organization.
Try not to allocate GIVEs based on who is “supposed” to get them or member "hype." Instead, GIVE where you see value happen. GIVE to members that help you.