Get Paid

You did the work time to reap the rewards!

Every Circle may perform the distributions differently.

Some Circles may distribute on the mainnet, use L2s on a non-ETH L1, and use Coordinape ahead of a token and will just be tracking the allocations until there is a token to distribute.

For more information, see Paying Your Team

If your Circle is using CoVaults:

At the end of an Epoch, your Circle Admin will perform a distribution from the vault. Once this distribution is complete, you will see a claim allocations button next to your profile picture.

There's no rush to claim, as you will have to claim multiple epochs at a time if you would rather wait. Plus, if your DAO is paying you in tokens that have Yearn vaults, any unclaimed tokens will remain in the vault earning yield until you claim!

(Currently only available on Ethereum, but other L2's are on the roadmap!)

How to Claim Payments

  1. Navigate to the Claims page

  2. Find the Organization you want to receive payment

  3. Click โ€œClaimโ€

  4. Sign Transaction & Pay Gas

Circle Admin

Your Circle admin can tell you how and when the distributions will happen.

Until then, sit back and wait for your rewards to appear in your funds!

To see more about how you could pay your team, visit Paying Your Team

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