Creating A Circle

Setup your Circle in Coordinape

What's A Circle?

A Circle is equal to a team. Teams of people will allow you to compensate members within your organization.

Circle Size

Circles can have 1-200+ members in them. We recommend Circles of at least three members. The closer the team members are, the more accurate the compensation process is.

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Setting up your Circle

You can create a Circle from the Coordinape homepage.

Clicking on the Get Started button will take you to the app, where you can log in and create your Circle.

You can also create a new Circle from the Org Overview page by clicking the Create Org button or from the Org page by clicking the Add Circle button

Circle Information

Complete the form below to set up your organization. The Circle Admin can change these fields once the Circle is created, but only by the Circle admin.

Form Information

Your username will be how other users see your name in the Circle.

(If you are already in other Circles, please use the same name used in the other Circles.)

Learn more about Circle Setup

Explore potential use cases and frameworks for your organization

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Finishing Up

After you click Launch Circle, you're in! You've created your first circle, and you are one step closer to compensating and encouraging your team.

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