Coordinape White paper, Tooling and Integration Information

Coordinape: How It Works

Coordinape's core is our Circles - groups of DAO participants that wish to distribute funds through a decentralized gifting process. Each Circle can define the rules of participation -- it can grow its network permissionless, set parameters around some aspects of its game mechanics, and toggle network visibility through centralized admin or internal governance.

Circles run in Epochs: periods in which constituent contributors can send each other GIVE tokens, representing that Circle's total budget allocation. We envision Epochs as monthly events where contributors can consider each other's collaboration, mutual enablement, and furthering of the DAO's mission over that period. Each member is allocated a fixed amount of GIVE (100 by default) and can freely send any number of these tokens to other Circle members during the Epoch. Members can also opt-out if they receive funding elsewhere, allowing them to send GIVE but not receive it.

GIVE has no value if it's not received by another Circle member -- the gifting process defines the per-member payout from the Circle's budget.

When the Epoch ends, each member has received the GIVE can be exchanged for a pro-rate amount of the monthly treasury budget.

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