Rep and CoSouls

In CoLinks, we know that reputation is important. Verifiable humanity and reputation metrics can help you to take the plunge on getting to know someone new through Links. That's why we've developed Rep, a rich score that takes markers of personhood and value into account to help you get to know each other. We think that reputation is a mix of where you have been, such as elements of your web2 social profile and on-chain history, and what you are doing now, like interactions in CoLinks and other Coordinape ecosystem tools. We make no claims that Rep is perfect, or anywhere close to final (weโ€™re going to continue adding elements and tweaking the underling algorithm), but we think its already nice short-hand way to know who youโ€™d encountering in CoLinks, and a great starting point to learn more.

Rep Scoring

Public Give Score (pGIVE)

  • The first element that goes into the Rep score is public GIVE or pGIVE, which is derived from three places:

    • Algorithmically normalized historical GIVE received in Gift Circles.

    • GIVE received in CoLinks.

    • GIVE received in Farcaster.

CoLinks Score

  • Rep considers your engagements in CoLinks. This includes how many people hold your Link, Links you hold, posts and replies in CoLinks and invitations, where we include the rep of your invited frens as well.

Web2 Score

  • When you connect Twitter and GitHub, as well as verify your email, Rep is able to score elements of your web2 socials.

  • We consider your legacy accounts to be helpful in confirming your humanity, painting a picture of who you are, and presenting some basic data on how connected you are outside of CoLinks.

Web 3 Score

  • Your wallet can say a lot about you. Our MVP Rep score looks for POAPS, which may represent events youโ€™ve been to or other badges and accomplishments. Soon, we will be able to look at much more.

Coordinape Ecosystem Score

  • The Coordianpe Gift Circle has seen many millions of GIVE sent, as individual collaborators signal thanks for each otherโ€™s effort in some of the most impressive DAOs out there. We score this using a normalized Public GIVE score, which can become an element of your Rep if you are a Gift Circle user.

CoSoul, your on-chain Rep SBT

Rep is useful in CoLinks, to get a sense of someone's value to their frens, their provable humanity and their activity in the CoLinks network. And, we think this is going to be increasingly useful to the outside world. We will publish your Rep and pGIVE to your CoSoul monthly, using automated synching, to get that Rep on-chains and allow you to really put it to work out there in the wider world of web3.

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