A Team of people working together
Currently, a Circle is equal to a team. Teams of people will allow you to compensate members within your organization.

Circle Size

We recommend Circles of at least three members. The closer the team members are, the more accurate the compensation process is.
For larger organizations, we recommend creating more smaller circles.

Things to consider:

Work Opaqueness: The more members in a Circle, the less accurate your team member's assessment of each other will be. Members tend to be the MOST familiar with the teammates' work they interact with the most often.
Various Areas of Expertise: Members do not always have experience with the effort required of all disciplines within the organization. For example, A developer may not know the rigor required of a marketer managing an active campaign. Due to this lack of experience, they may tend to under allocate to members of the marketing team.
Team allocating GIVE to each other

Use Cases: Setting up your Structure

Core + Community
Working Teams
Whole DAO
If you have community members that casually contribute to the DAO and a Core team you would like to incentivize, you could set it up like this.
Acme DAO [Organization]
  • Community Members [Circle]
  • Acme Core [Circle]
The community circle can input contributions and then GIVE each other kudos and GIVE tokens. Then, after the Epoch, you can compensate the community for their work.
The core circle can write notes on current projects and give kudos to hard-working members after your DAO could provide bonuses based on GIVE tokens.
We recommend discipline-based teams if you want to set up a few operational teams within the same organization. Teams should be no more than ten members for the most accurate allocations. Each circle should have a team lead with an admin role.
Acme DAO [Organization]
  • Acme Developers [Circle]
  • Acme Designers [Circle]
  • Acme Marketing [Circle]
  • Acme Community [Circle]
  • Acme Operations [Circle]
If you want to use Coordinape to empower your community to allocate funds to projects, you can set your organization up like this.
Acme DAO [Organization]
  • Projects [Circle]
    • Members
      • Admin Opt-Out of Recieving but GIVES to encourage the team
This structure allows your DAO to use conviction voting to determine how to allocate project funding.
Some DAOs like to have DAO-wide circles to enable members to allocate GIVE to their DAO-mates, with who they may not share any other circles.
In our view, This is good for cultivating a DAO-wide culture of gratitude, but we would not advise allocating substantial compensation to these circles.
As Circles get larger, it can be difficult for DAO-mates to understand the type of work done across the entire DAO.
That doesn't make the notes any less valuable, though!
Want more examples? Reach out to our team for support