Allocating GIVE

Show generosity to your team

Showing Generosity

Coordinape empowers you to take part in decentralized payroll. Each GIVE token represents a percentage of your team's payroll budget.
Every Circle will likely have unique contribution guidelines; how you allocate in a dev circle will differ from how you allocate in a marketing circle.
Learn More about GIVE Strategies

Allocate GIVE

The Allocation Page lets you appreciate your selected teammates by sending them GIVE. You can:
  • Browse member Epoch Statements
  • Explore their member profiles
  • Discover member graph location.
Allocate Page
Member Card

Appreciate Your Team

Allocate GIVE and send thank-you notes to your team members.
  • Coordinape will reflect your allocations and notes in real-time.
  • Only the member can see the allocation amounts and notes.
  • You can adjust these gifts throughout the epoch.

You can also see your unallocated GIVE amount in the top right and GIVE Received.