What is CoLinks

CoLinks (built by the Coordinape Foundation) is a new kind of professional social network: a hub where you can form a curated group, and folks can Link up to you to be in your orbit. CoLinks is centered on the concept of provable, mutually incentivized social networks, and decentralized reputation. We think this is the future of professional networking.

In CoLinks, you Link with people by buying Links, or when they buy yours. This connects you in an intimate social graph, and allows you to participate by sharing ideas together, building reputation and connecting with others. Coordinape’s take is that trust relationships, formed in this way, are the bedrock of any significant collaboration.

CoLinks is built on a few synchronistic pillars that are covered in detail in these docs:

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We built CoLinks as an extension of the Coordinape Gift Circle. In the new internet, people already share value and support each other in spaces that are collectively incentivized. These spaces can be large, like a DAO, or they can be as small as a hi-five between two people. Maintaining a relationship with someone on the internet is fun and open ended, but can also be thought of as a latent exchange of trust and reputation. As participants in co-creation, we support each other, inform each other, propose ideas and even start collaborations.

Legacy social media can enable this process (sort of) but it skims off the top by leveraging your information to enable advertisement, and thus bends the natural way you’d like to engage toward the whims of powerful actors.

In CoLinks, the protocol manages rewards intrinsically and without the need of monolithic, paid sponsors. We think this is a better model to incentivize and maintain a web of connections, without the pressure of platform capture. And, that lets us build it to really suit what you want to do, and who you want to see. So, lets take a look around...

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