Record Contributions & Opt-in/out

Tell your team what you've done!

Your Epoch Statement

During each Epoch you will have the opportunity to summarize your contributions in by clicking on your name and entering an Epoch Statement. This will be displayed on your card when others are allocating to you.

๐Ÿšจ NEW! ๐Ÿšจ You can now add multiple contributions per epoch!

Add Contributions

Contributions will show up on your card when others are allocating to you and will help them have a better idea of what you were working in during the last epoch.

How to add a contribution:

  1. Click Contributions from the menu bar

  2. Click Add Contribution on the Contribution page

  3. Enter your contribution and wait for the autosave indicator to say changes saved!

If you make a mistake or want to edit your contribution you can do that at any time during or before the epoch.

My Epoch

During an active Epoch you can set your Epoch Statement. Your statement is public for anyone in the Circle and will show up on your card during the allocation phase for other users to view.

The Epoch Statement details the work you have done this month or clarifies work that the DAO wants to compensate.

Best Practices It's best to summarize your work so that anyone from your team can understand what you did and its impact/goal. Quantify your work where ever possible for better understanding.


  • Created the marketing plan for Coordinape, sent 6,000 tweets, and received 12,000 RTs

  • Pushed 6 Github issues to allow us to unblock back-end work and resolve bugs impacting the user.

  • Redesigned the landing page to guide users to the valuable part of our docs easier

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