Distributions & Payments

Pay your team with Coordinape

Reviewing the Epoch

Before distributing the funds to their contributors, the Admin's responsibility is to ensure that the allocations look appropriate. Some things to be on the lookout for are:
  • Were any critical contributors missed in the allocations?
  • Did any contributors receive an allocation that seems out of line? (high or low)
  • Did everyone allocate who should have allocated?

After you've spot-checked the allocations in the CSV or the admin panel, you can proceed with the distributions if another Epoch hasn't started.

Paying members in Vaults

After the Epoch ends, the Circle admin can review the results of the GIVE Circle.
  1. 1.
    First, you must find the desired Epoch on the Epoch Overview to review the results.
  2. 2.
    Find “Review / Export” on the distributions page.
  3. 3.
    Finally, you can look at your Circle’s generosity using the Distribution Chart.

Submitting Distribution

On the Distribution Chart, you can see all the members in your Circle. You will see:
GIVE Received
% of GIVE
Circle Rewards
Fixed Payments
Givers are the number of people who have given that member GIVE
The amount of GIVE the member received during the Epoch.
Percentage of GIVE is the amount of GIVE the member has received in proportion to the total amount in the Epoch.
Amount of compensation the member will receive by calculating their "% of GIVE" against the total Amount being paid out to the Gift Circle.
Fixed Payment amounts for the member.

GIVE & Payment

When you submit a payment, you must determine how much of your Vault you would like to use for payroll for that Epoch. As you type in the amount, the final payment will reflect in the chart below.


If Jane gets 50% of the GIVE for that Epoch and your payroll is 1,000 USDC, Jane would be able to claim 500 $USDC from her portion of the Gift Circle that epoch.
Setting the payroll for the Epoch

After Payment

After the tokens have been distributed, your members can claim payments when they login to Coordinape. (Note that gas fees apply to claim transactions.)
Claiming Payment