Gnosis Safe

How to use the csv airdrop to pay your team
  • Log into your safe
  • Click apps, search Csv, and select CSV Airdrop
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  • Format your Coordinape csv correctly:
    Preparing a Transfer File
    Transfer files are expected to be in CSV format with the following required columns:
    • token_type: The type of token that is being transferred. One of erc20,nft or native. NFT Tokens can be either ERC721 or ERC1155.
    • token_address: Ethereum address of ERC20 token to be transferred. This has to be left blank for native (ETH) transfers.
    • receiver: Ethereum address of transfer receiver.
    • amount: the amount of token to be transferred. This can be left blank for erc721 transfers.
    • id: The id of the collectible token (erc721 or erc1155) to transfer. This can be left blank for native and erc20 transfers.
    Important: The CSV file has to use "," as a separator and the header row always has to be provided as the first row and include the described column names.
  • Upload your csv and click submit.
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