How to use the Dework Integration

If your team uses, Coordinape has an easy to use integration with Dework!\

These steps are only for the Circle Admin.

  1. Click the Admin tab

  2. Scroll down to "Integrations"

  3. Click Connect Dework

  4. Select which Organization you want to link to your circle

    1. If you have a private dework board you'll need to enable Coordinape to read it here:

  5. Authorize the link.

  6. You are now connected, you can go back to Coordinape now.

These Steps are for all users

  1. As tasks that are assigned to users in Dework are moved to done they will automatically be displayed on the users Coordinape Card

  2. If more than 1 user is assigned to the task in Dework the task will show up on all assigned users when it is completed.

  3. If a task is moved from done back to in progress it will be removed from their card.

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