Vouching New Members

How members can add contributors to a circle

A vouch is a vote by a Circle contributor to invite new members. Vouching can be as little as one vouch needed (any contributor can add other contributors), or an admin can require every member of the Circle must vote to add a new member.

If the minimum threshold of vouches reaches the required number, the contributor instantly gains access to the Circle.

For more information on admin vouching settings

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Nominating a Contributor

Usually, the vouching process will start on the social layer, via conversation or collaboration, realizing that someone in the community should add to a Circle.

When this happens, any Circle member who is eligible to vouch can nominate a new contributor. They will need to add the member’s ETH address, name (such as a Discord / Telegram username), and a statement about why they are nominating this individual.


Once nominated, other Circle members will see that the potential collaborator is eligible for membership, and they can take the step of vouching for the member if they so choose.

If the required number of members vouch for a new contributor, Coordinape adds the member to the circle. Then, they can log in with their favorite wallet app, set up profiles, and begin to receive or send GIVE.

Future features will build on this process, including the addition of more surgical toggles that can determine the status of new members.

Admin Intervention

Admins can still remove members if a member proves unready to participate in the Coordinape circle.

Coordinape is excited to aid DAOs in bootstrapping their communities and letting contributors participate in the active growth of their working teams.

Please feel free to give it a try or ask for more information in our Discord.

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