Adding Team Members
Getting your team onboarded to your Coordinape Circle
To get your team started in Coordinape, you must add your member's wallet addresses to the circle.

Adding Circle Member

In the Admin panel, click on "Add Contributor."
The Admin Panel

Member Settings

You can edit the following attributes:
  • Starting Tokens
  • Admin Permissions
  • GIVE
  • Forced Opt-Out
  • Opt-Out
Starting Tokens
Are They Admin
Can Give
Forced Opted Out
Opted Out
By default, all users start with 100 GIVE tokens; this can be adjusted when there's no active Epoch (What's an Epoch?) The more tokens a member has, the greater the influence over the member's compensation. Consider lowering starting tokens for newer members or increasing tokens for trusted members.
Circles can have multiple admins, but be careful because admins will have full access to your circle settings.
  • If Yes, the Contributor will be able to allocate GIVE
  • If No, the contributor will not be able to allocate GIVE
  • If Yes, the contributor will not be able to receive GIVE and will not have the option to Opt-in without admin permission
  • If No, the contributor will be able to receive GIVE
  • If No, the contributor will be able to receive GIVE after they Opt-in in their Epoch settings​
  • If Yes, the contributor will have Opted in and immediately be eligible to receive GIVE
Leaving this toggle as NO prevents people from receiving GIVE allocations without logging into Coordinape to allocate to their peers. It may result in them getting fewer allocations if they wait until the end of the epoch to opt-in though
Edit Member Modal

Step By Step

  • Click Add Contributor - Admins may edit members by clicking the pencil next to their name.
  • Enter Name & Wallet Address
  • Edit Settings - You can enter their name, starting tokens, admin status, force opt-out, and whether or not they can send GIVE
  • Save - Once saved, the member can start contributing & allocating once the Epoch begins.
Contributor Settings