Set Up Your Profile

Let your circles know who you are!

Circle Profile

Your profile is consistent between Circles; if someone shares a Circle with you, they can view:

  • Your Circle membership

  • Your recent Epoch statements

  • Your biography

  • Your skills tags & links.

Note: We recommend using the same name/PFP in Coordinape as the one used in the communication channel (e.g., Discord) to make it easier for members to recognize each other.

Editing your Profile

Profile Info

To update your profile information (Profile image, Skills, Biography, and Links)

  • Click Edit Profile

  • Change the Desired Fields

  • Click Save


You can upload jpg, png, and gif format files to your profile as long as they're under 10mb. The pfp images should be square and the background images should be 3x1 ratio.

To edit your background image and your profile picture, you will need to do the following actions:

Editing the Background

  1. Click the edit background button

  2. Select a new background image (Suggested 1600x200)

  3. Click Upload Background

Editing your profile picture

  1. Click Edit Profile

  2. Click the pencil button on your profile picture.

  3. Select a photo

  4. Click the upload button on your profile picture.

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