Home, Posts and Replies

The Home page is where you will probably spend most of your time, communicating with people you are Linked to. Here you will find a shared activity feed, containing Posts and Replies by your CoLinks tribe.

Posts & Prompts

  • With Posts, you can post your thoughts. We offer a series of Prompts to get the creative juices flowing. You can choose to address them, refresh them, or you can ignore them and post whatever you want.

  • When you make a Post, you can include markdown to format text, link to images or articles, etc.

Post Visibility

  • When you buy a Link, your posts will be pushed to that user’s home page, so they can read what you are up to. And, you can read their posts as well, which will appear on your feed and in their profile.

  • When someone buys your Link, its the same deal. They will see your posts, and you will see theirs.

  • You can always mute someone if you wish, by visiting their profile to mute them. They will know they have been muted, and might choose to sell your Link if they were hoping for more -- it is what it is.

Replies and Reactions

  • Each post can maintain a single thread of replies, written by anyone that is connected to you by a Link.

  • Replies are ordered by date posted, and you will see Replies even if you are not Linked to the replier.

  • Posts can also get emoji reactions. We’ve selected all of the best emojis for CoLinks.

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