Update Members

Change Circle Member Settings

Editing User Settings

If you want to change your initial settings for a team member, you can update them in the Admin panel.

Member Settings

You can edit the following attributes:

  • Starting Tokens

    • By default all users start with 100 GIVE tokens, this can be adjusted as needed when there's no active Epoch (What's an Epoch)

  • Fixed Payment Amount

  • Admin Permissions

  • Send

  • Receive

Circles can have multiple admins

๐Ÿšจ Admins will have full access to your Circle settings, including the ability to remove other admins

Step By Step

  • Click the Edit button next to the Contributor Name

  • Edit Settings - You can enter their name, starting tokens, admin status, fixed payment amount, and whether or not they can send GIVE

  • Delete User - You can delete users from the Circle by clicking the delete button.

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