Allocate GIVE

Reward and thank your fellow Contributors by allocating GIVE

Showing Generosity

Coordinape empowers you to take part in decentralized payroll. Each GIVE token represents a percentage of your team's payroll budget.
Every Circle will likely have unique contribution guidelines; how you allocate in a dev Circle will differ from how you allocate in a marketing Circle.
While may be tempting to give everyone in the Circle some amount of GIVE, It is critical to allocate according to contributions and not equally. Coordinape works best when the contributors are allocating where they see value being add.
If you don't allocate to an individual it does not mean you don't value them as a person only that you didn't work with or see them add value this epoch. There's nothing wrong with that.
Learn More about GIVE Strategies

Allocate GIVE

The Allocation Page allows you to appreciate the teammates you have selected by sending them GIVE. You can:
  • Browse member Epoch Statements
  • Explore their member profiles
  • Discover member graph location.
Allocate Page
Member Card

Appreciate Your Team

Allocate GIVE and type notes to send to contributors.
  • Coordinape will reflect these allocations and notes in real-time as they are saved.
  • The recipients are the only ones who can see the allocated amounts and notes.
  • You can adjust these gifts and notes if the epoch is active.

You can also see GIVE amount to allocate in the top right and GIVE Received.