Add Team Members
Load up your circle with the people that matter
Once you've started your Circle, two members will be You and Coordinape.

Coordinape in Your Circle

At Coordinape we believe that we are building something that will help propel our industry forward in the way we think about compensation.
In an effort to ensure as many DAOs as possible have access to Coordinape we have decided to forgo charging a fee to use Coordinape.
We've opted instead to rely on the gifts of the DAO's we provide value to.
The address associated with the Coordinape user is our donation address we can accept donations on EVM compatible chains.

Adding Your Team to Coordinape

Before you start adding team members, you will need to gather their wallet addresses. We recommend putting them in a CSV or secured document, so you can copy and paste them into Coordinape. In the future, you will be able to add members via Discord.
To add users to your Circle, Follow these steps:
  1. 1.
    Click Add Contributor
    • ​
  2. 2.
    Fill out the fields in the modal.
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    Details on the settings are below πŸ‘‡
Starting Tokens
Are They Admin
Can Give
Forced Opted Out
Opted Out
By default, all users start with 100 GIVE tokens. Starting tokens can be adjusted as needed when there's no active Epoch (What's an Epoch)​
Circles can have multiple admins, but be careful because admins will have full access to your Circle settings.
  • If Yes, the Contributor will be able to allocate GIVE
  • If No, the contributor will not be able to allocate GIVE
  • If Yes, the contributor will not be able to receive GIVE and will not have the option to Opt-in without admin permission
  • If No, the contributor will be able to receive GIVE
  • If No, the contributor will be able to receive a GIVE after they Opt-in in their Epoch settings​
  • If Yes, the contributor will have Opted in and immediately be eligible to receive GIVE
Leaving this toggle as NO prevents people from receiving GIVE allocations without logging into Coordinape to allocate to their peers. It may result in them getting fewer allocations if they wait until the end of the epoch to opt-in though