Add Team Members

Load up your circle with the people that matter

Once you've started your Circle, two members will be You and Coordinape.

Coordinape in Your Circle

At Coordinape we believe that we are building something that will help propel our industry forward in the way we think about compensation.

In an effort to ensure as many DAOs as possible have access to Coordinape we have decided to forgo charging a fee to use Coordinape.

We've opted instead to rely on the gifts of the DAO's we provide value to.

The address associated with the Coordinape user is our donation address we can accept donations on EVM compatible chains.

How to Add Your Team to Coordinape

  1. Click Members

  2. Enter their Name and Eth Address (Users will be able to update their names when they log in)

  3. Done!

Users will be added with the default settings:

  • Opted in to sending and receiving GIVE

  • 100 Starting GIVE

    • This can be adjusted when there's no active Epoch (What's an Epoch?) The more tokens a member has, the greater the influence over the member's compensation. Consider lowering starting tokens for newer members or increasing tokens for trusted members.

  • Non-Admin

  • 0 Fixed Payments

User settings can be changed from the MemberScreen

Circles can have multiple admins

๐Ÿšจ Admins will have full access to your Circle settings, including the ability to remove other admins


After you've added several team members to your circle you can also enable the vouching setting that will allow new members to be vouched in by existing members. Read more in Vouching

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