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Streamline Coordinape Tasks with Our Discord Bot

Discord Webhook (Simple Notifications Only)

What can the Discord Webhook do?

  • Caesar can let your discord know when a users has opted out of a current epoch, and how much give was refunded.

  • Inform users that an epoch is active

  • Let users know when the epoch ends

How to add "Caesar" the discord bot to your teams Discord Channel

  1. Go to Integrations -> View Webhook

4. Go to Coordinape Circle where you're an Admin and click the Admin Tab and scroll to the Integration section and click Edit Webhook

5. Paste the webhook url from the Discord bot into text field and click save

BOOM! You now have Caesar helping you keep track of active Epochs, giving you a heads up when users make allocations, and letting you know if a user opts out. We'll be adding features to the bot over time, but in the meantime we hope you enjoy this functionality!

If you appreciate this make sure to let Zashton know!

You may need to enter developer mode in discord to add the bot

Discord Bot

The Bot is currently in beta testing. Please provide any feedback you may have in the Coordinape Discord by going to the Roles channel and reacting to the Discord Bot Tester message to get permission to join the Discord Bot Channel. We'll have the bot set up there if you want to test the bot before adding it to your server

To add the bot to your server click this link https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=1081300551947538533&permissions=8&scope=bot and then

Once the bot has been added to your discord use the /coordinape config command click link account.

once you've linked your account, you will have the option to configure the bot by using the /Coordinape Config command and clicking the configure button.

You can then follow the prompts provided by the bot to finish configuring the bot.

After adding the Bot to your server you can select which Circles to enable in this server.

The bot will query your account and will display all Circles you administer. This could include circles across different Orgs so be mindful when selecting circles.

  1. Click the Dropdown

  2. Select the Circles from the drop down

  3. Click the input box again

  4. Click Next

The Bot will create a Channel, and a Role for each Circle in your Discord and then send this message:

This will ensure the Bot sends the correct alerts and gets the correct commands for each circle in their respective channels

After clicking next navigate to your new channels and click Link Circle Button and then click the Authorize button

This will take you to Coordinape to retrieve your API key for the circle.

Once that's complete the bot will ask you if you want it to send alerts for your Circle.


You can now add contributions directly from within Discord!

It's as simple as typing /Coordinape Contribute in Discord and then entering the contribution you made.

After you hit Enter you'll be prompted to save your submission. After clicking save the Bot will submit your contribution to the app for your team to see, and will publicly post your contribution in the channel.

In this MVP version each Coordinape Circle is linked 1-1 to a Discord channel, so you must enter your contributions in a linked channel for the command to work correctly

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