Who To Gift

The purpose of the gift circle is to reward all the ways value is brought to your DAO

Throughout the epoch, each member should allocate their GIVE tokens to other members using whatever logic makes sense to them intending to make sure valuable contributions are recognized and compensated as accurately as possible.

The goal is not to share the money equally, give from obligation, or pay people for spending time within the organization (unless you think that is valuable). The goal is to reward valuable contributions. If someone doesn’t get any GIVE tokens, that’s OK. Maybe they were busy that month? Or maybe they aren’t bringing value. There is nothing wrong with that.

Use your judgment in allocating GIVEs. In general, give them when you have first-hand experience of people creating value. For example, if you are working with someone on a yearn project and you think they did a good job, allocate some GIVEs.

Try not to allocate GIVEs based on who is “supposed” to get them or based on hype. Instead, give them where you see value happen. Give them to people that help you.

Don’t worry about getting the numbers right. Go with your heart.

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