Select Your Collaborators(Optional)

Who did you work with or who did you see adding value this Epoch

Circles sizes can range from 2-200+, but it's easier to allocate to smaller Circles(<20), so the users can interact with most of their Circle members. Smaller Circles also make giving/receiving tokens more fluid and more straightforward.

Circle selection influences the governance of allocations. For instance, if a group selects 80 members to allocate GIVE to, but each member is only working with 3-4 members, the circle may inadvertently become a "popularity contest" rather than allocation GIVE where value is being created.

You can help keep allocations happening where value is created by having your Circle select their Collaborators.

Picking Collaborators

If your Circle has the Select Teammates option enabled, when you go to the Give tab you will see a Collaborators toggle at the top.

Your Collaborators

You can easily add people to your Collaborators by hovering over their name in the row or card and clicking the + Collaborator button


Your Circle may have vouching enabled, this means that you can nominate new people to join your Circle. To learn more about vouching see the link below 👇

pageVouching New Members

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