Select Your Team (Optional)

Who did you work with or who did you see adding value this Epoch
Team sizes can range from 2-200+, but it's easier to allocate to smaller teams (<20), so the users can interact with most team members. Smaller teams also make giving/receiving tokens more fluid and more straightforward.
Team selection influences the governance of allocations. For instance, if a group selects 80 members to allocate GIVE to, but each member is only interacting with 3-4 members, the circle may inadvertently become a "popularity contest" rather than allocation GIVE where value is being created.
The incentive structure of the Coordinape Circle relies on the appropriate selection of members.

Picking Team Members

If your Circle has the Select Teammates option enabled, you will navigate to the Select Team page. This page allows you to maintain a smaller roster of team members collaborated with and desire to thank.

Your Roster

After selecting your initial roster, you can return to the Edit Team page at any time, linked from the header menu, to edit your group.
Your team members are listed with the current number of GIVE you have allocated. You can see whom you’ve already included in your allocation.
Editing your list
If you remove a contributor from your list after allocating GIVE, your GIVE will be returned to you (within the active Epoch).


Your Circle may have vouching enabled, this means that you can nominate new people to join your Circle. To learn more about vouching see the link below 👇