As a Circle Admin, you will be able to edit Circle Settings, Edit Epoch settings, edit your users, and create new circles.


As an admin, you can control the following:

  • Circle Creation

  • Circle Settings

  • Epoch Settings

  • Manage Members

  • Vouching Requirements

  • Export Allocation Data

Best Practices

The best practices for running Coordinape will vary from team to team. But, in general, we find that teams that communicate their goals for Coordinape to their contributors will have a better experience than teams that start Circles without communicating with their users.

So, when communicating to your teams, here are some things to make sure to mention:

  • Who should be eligible to send and receive GIVE?

  • Should members compensated via grants or salaries be rewarded?

Team Size

Team sizes can range from 2-200+, but it's easier to allocate to smaller teams (<20), so the users can interact with most team members.

Compensation Amounts

The amount of compensation for each epoch can vary. It can be zero; it can be infinity.

Prior to our on-chain launch, there is no escrow feature, so the admin will distribute the compensation after the Epoch ends.

Once on-chain, funds for epochs will be escrowed in the Ape Vaults and automatically made available to claim or distribute at the end of the Epoch after the admin approves the distributions.

Use Cases We've Seen

  • Giving to Contributors

  • Giving to Projects

  • Giving to other circles

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