🏗️Setting Up the Vault

Preparing for Payment using CoVaults

How to Create a Vault:

  1. Connect to Coordinape with the wallet that you wish to use to fund the Vault

  2. Navigate to the Vault UI

  3. Select the org that you would like to create a vault for

  4. Select Create Vault

  5. Select the token you wish to use to fund the Vault and click create the Vault

    1. You can choose either a simple vault that only holds and distributes tokens. OR

    2. You can choose a Yield Generating Vault that utilizes Yearn Vault in the background.

  6. Approve the Transaction

  7. Wait for the Vault to create on-chain

*PLEASE Note - At the time of CoVaults Launch, only one vault of a given token type per org can be created! (You may create a Yearn version and a simple version, e.g. You may create both "Yearn DAI" & "DAI" CoVaults within the same org.)

How to Fund a Vault

  1. Navigate to the Vault Page

  2. Select the Circle you want to fund a vault for

  3. Select the Vault you want to fund and click deposit

  4. Enter the amount you wish to fund

  5. Click the Deposit button and approve the transaction(s) to approve spending the token and sending the transaction.

You can also fund the CoVault with a different wallet via wallet connect if you so choose (Enter Gnosis Safe)

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