Admin Info

As a Circle Admin, you will be able to edit Circle Settings, Edit Epoch settings, and edit your users.

Editing Circle Settings

  1. Click the Edit Circle Settings button

  2. Fill out the Circle Name, Gift Token Name, Teammate and Allocation page prompts

Editing Epoch Settings

  1. Click Edit Epoch Settings

  2. Select and Epoch Start and End Date (Recurring feature coming soon™)

  3. Click Save

  4. You can also delete any Epoch that's not active.

Editing User Settings

  1. After the initial upload of users may be edited by clicking the pencil next to their name

  1. Then you can enter their name, starting tokens, admin status, force opt-out, and whether or not they can send GIVE

  1. Force Opt Out will prevent the user from receiving Give. The user will be alerted to this change via the Telegram Bot, and on the allocations page. If they have had any give allocated prior to making that save it will all be removed, and users who had allocated to them will have to re-allocate to other users.

  1. You can also delete users from the Circle by clicking the trashcan.

You can also export a CSV of the epoch data for analysis.