Q -Wen Token: A There is no Coordinape Token. Yet.
Q- I clicked save and forgot someone on my team or want to change my allocations can I still do that? A- As long as the epoch is open you can make any changes you'd like
Q- I'm not seeing any circles to join how do I participate in allocating GIVE? A- Reach out to your teams Coordinape Admin, they can add you.
Q- I want to help allocate GIVE but not receive any, is that possible? A- YES, just select Opt Out on the Epoch settings Tab
Q- How do I edit my profile picture? A- Click profile image in the top right, select profile, click edit profile and then upload a new profile picture
Q-Is Coordinape Open Source or permisionless? A-Not yet, it's on the roadmap though, we're building like apes to get it there! We're hoping to be on-chain and permissionless by the end of October '21!
Q-Where's the fire meme's at? A-We're waiting on you APE! (Discord Link)
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