How To Use Coordinape
In this section, you will find an overview of how Coordinape's web application is used.

Circle Selection

When first visiting the Coordinape website, you will need to connect your wallet. If you are not able to gain access, your Eth wallet likely has not been added to a Gift Circle. Contact your administrator if this is the case.
If you're wanting to set up a new circle please follow these instructions: Permissionless Circles
If you do have access to one or more circles, you will see it on the Circle Selection page:
Please note, you will have to connect your wallet when you access a circle for the first time.


My Epoch

The first time you use Coordinape, you will be asked to answer a couple of questions, which will help your colleagues determine how to GIVE to you.
The first one is a Epoch Statement. This can be anything. It is public for anyone in the Circle to read, and can be used to detail the work you have done this month or clarify what you have been compensated for, and what you want to be compensated for in Coordinape.
The second question is will you Opt In or Opt Out from receiving GIVE for this epoch.
  • If you Opt Out, you are signaling that you have other income streams at Yearn which are significant, and you should not be getting Contributor Grant allocations. It will be impossible for others to give to you.
  • If you Opt In, you will be able to receive grants. You may use the Profile Statement to detail why.
Either of these settings can be changed over the course of the Epoch, or for future Epochs, by accessing your profile on the Allocation Page to change them. If you change your status to Opt Out after receiving GIVE during an epoch, any GIVE you have accrued will go back to its senders.

Select Team Page

Next, you will be prompted to use the Team Selection page. This page will allow you to maintain a smaller roster of contributors, whom you have worked with closely and want to reward.
On this page, you may select any number of contributors, sorting or searching to find those you have interacted with the most.
  • Contributors are listed with the current number of GIVE you have allocated, so you can see whom you’ve already included in your allocation.
  • If you remove a contributor from your list after allocating them GIVE, your GIVE will be returned to you (within the active Epoch).
  • After selecting your initial roster, you can return to the Edit Team page at any time, linked from the header menu, to edit your group.

Allocation Page

The Allocation Page allows you to reward the teammates you have selected, by sending them GIVE.
Here you can:
  • Browse contributor Epoch comments, and drill to their profiles, or location on the graph.
  • Select whole numbers of GIVE to send to contributors.
  • Adjust these gifts over the course of the epoch.
  • View the balance of GIVE you have left.
  • View the balance of GIVE you have received so far.
  • Leave notes for contributors to thank them, whether or not you send them GIVE.
  • Filter by Opt-in, New Members
  • Sort by Alphabetical, Give Allocated, Opt-In First

Map Page

Coordinape provides a real time Graph to show the network movement of GIVES among the group.
  • Click on an avatar to see an animated representation of the GIVE flowing to and from each member.
  • Bands around the member represent the total GIVE that member has received in the epoch.
  • You can also toggle to view prior epochs, using the Epoch link at upper right.


*May not be enabled in all circles
  • If you have someone in mind who's contributing to your circle you can nominate them here, you will need their name and their ETH Address
  • Other members in the Circle will see your nomination and be able to vouch for that user. Once they've been vouched in they will be part of the circle
  • You can also vouch for other members of the circle here. (Make sure to check out the deep dive on vouching here)

User Details

Clicking on your avatar in the top right will produce another menu that will allow you to switch circles, and have access to your Profile, Epoch, Team, and History.


Your profile is consistent between circles, if some one shares a circle with you they can come to your profile and see whatever you put here.
The Fields that are editable here are You background image
And your Profile information (Profile image, Skills, Biography, and Links)
Your Circles will display the circles you're in and your recent Epoch activity will display you last Epoch comment for the circles


The History Page allows you to see the GIVES you have received, per member, in any prior epoch.
This will page will also display your received notes.
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